Friday, May 4, 2012

Soooo...what had happened was....

The following is a gratuitous shot of food porn...
courtesy of majorstranger via the site  

Remember that song from the classic claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?  Put one step in front of the otherrrrrr...and soon you'll be walking out the door--ooorr--ooorr!

So much has happened since the birth of Food Savvy, the first of which was the realization that I was a bad blog-mom.  I let my poor blog starve from lack of attention!  Mainly due to NOT letting my real baby starve.  Not that we were even close to that, but anyone out there with kids KNOWS how much time and attention they take.

So the steps?  Maybe I'll go into that later, or I'll address is on my other blog  HAHAHAHA!  Yes, I had the nerve to start another blog!  (please be sure to visit, but NOT NOW)

For now, dear reader (note that in the singular), let me get you up to speed.  I've left the East for the West and have enrolled in culinary school.  The time has flown.  It's been 4 weeks, it's kicking my ass and I'm loving it.

There will supporting photos as soon as I figure out where on earth I've imported them to.  Let's not sweat it.  I've claimed Food Savvy...not Tech Savvy.  

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