Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Culinary School

Who knew?  Ok...first.  I already know how to cook.  I mean...I read, therefore, I cook...and therefore, deliciously...I AM.  Thank you, Lord for not giving me a dead spot in my brain with food!  I know many who are otherwise intelligent, that, even with the aid of a cookbook, will still burn water.  No judgement. I get it though.  I'm like that with directions...and I use my Garmin...AND my iphone, and I will still  get lost.

After the whole glorious Paula Deen experience, I've decided that I want a greater depth of knowledge, so Culinary School? {check}

I've spared you the experience of the first few weeks.  All having to do with safety and sanitation.  Ewwww!  Trust me on this one, I was already careful, but now I've embraced OCD'ism...and may be the cleanest cook this side of the Mississippi.  As the opportunity presents itself, I'll share, but for your pleasure.  I don't see the need to go into anything except the delicious.


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