Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dealer's Delight

Food Savvy:
The ability to artistically and daringly feed people.

Possessing the understanding of the impact of, and the full meaning of, nourishment.

Knowing that it's food, not music, that soothes the savage beast (I mean...come on... mama lion isn't attacking because she's after the latest Lady GaGa track)...or the way to a customer's heart may indeed be through her tummy.

I, along with a revolving captive audience of about 20, am stuck. Waiting for an oil change. It's obvious that somebody's mama thought this up. There's food here and I think that's what's keeping me and my neighbors feeling opposed to inconvenienced. I was "advised" my wait would be "considerable".

I'm not touching it. Not even THINKING about it. I got my hands on the last banana...but the guys here are digging in...with delight (ok...I'm thinking about it a leeeettle bit).

A dad just grabbed this for his two little girls. Thanks Dad - I'm guessing we got about 15 minutes before the sugar hits...and the show begins. Dance show? Junior Olympics? Wrestling? Maybe the youngest's pink cowboy boots means it's Waiting Room Rodeo? (I'm changing True.)

They just brought out a platter of turkey sandwiches. It was much appreciated. May I also share that my neighbors MAY think I'm a nut because I'm snapping pics of the food. Hilarious.

Requisite caffeine options, with a nice touch...

Big, fat, real cups.

That's savvy.

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Location:Toyota Waiting Room

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