Friday, July 15, 2011

Prairie du Chien, WI

Wisconsin is famously hard core cheese country.

So fresh off the plane, there's already discussion of taking me to try cheese curds...stored and served at room temperature. You know they're fresh because they squeak when you bite into them.

First up, though? FRIED cheese curds. I'm not really a big fan of the current country fair craze of battering and frying ANYTHING you get your hands on. But, my girl ordered them anyway - and what came to the table was nothing shirt of miraculous.

Housed in fairly large, twisted golden nuggets is the soft velvet of hot curd. Frying technique was perfect...light, greaseless. The curd itself was so fresh that the bites melted on my butter.

They were a revelation and have forever changed my mind about those fairs!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Channel 4 with Barbara Harrison

This is my favorite news channel.  Well, apparently it's everyone's...It's the leading channel and has been solidly that way for years.  So when I got a call from the Sylvia Reis about doing a segment on Barbara Harrison's mid-day show?  Yep...I leapt!

View more videos at:

Lessons learned?  Ok...soooooooo...I totally underestimated how much STUFF you have to bring to do this and make it look effortless.  Need a solid system to track the duplication stages.  No mistakes my first time out, but with all the ingredients (and of course I left plenty of the food for the crew...probably why they're having me back), I could've stumbled.  Thank you Lord of All Pots and Pans and Things.

And until I can actually hire a helper....better transport!  My hair was GORGEOUS the morning of....but the hauling and lugging and setting up?  Let's just say, I didn't need to hit the gym later that day....had already gotten my sweat on.

Thanks, Channel 4....See you soon.  xoxoxo

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Potomac Seafood's Lobster Roll

This is the only thing I eat very, very sssssllllllooooooowwwlllyyyy.

Sorry...I'd already taken a bite, couldn't help's like great frolicking sex (on a bun).

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dealer's Delight

Food Savvy:
The ability to artistically and daringly feed people.

Possessing the understanding of the impact of, and the full meaning of, nourishment.

Knowing that it's food, not music, that soothes the savage beast (I mean...come on... mama lion isn't attacking because she's after the latest Lady GaGa track)...or the way to a customer's heart may indeed be through her tummy.

I, along with a revolving captive audience of about 20, am stuck. Waiting for an oil change. It's obvious that somebody's mama thought this up. There's food here and I think that's what's keeping me and my neighbors feeling opposed to inconvenienced. I was "advised" my wait would be "considerable".

I'm not touching it. Not even THINKING about it. I got my hands on the last banana...but the guys here are digging in...with delight (ok...I'm thinking about it a leeeettle bit).

A dad just grabbed this for his two little girls. Thanks Dad - I'm guessing we got about 15 minutes before the sugar hits...and the show begins. Dance show? Junior Olympics? Wrestling? Maybe the youngest's pink cowboy boots means it's Waiting Room Rodeo? (I'm changing True.)

They just brought out a platter of turkey sandwiches. It was much appreciated. May I also share that my neighbors MAY think I'm a nut because I'm snapping pics of the food. Hilarious.

Requisite caffeine options, with a nice touch...

Big, fat, real cups.

That's savvy.

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Location:Toyota Waiting Room

Friday, March 11, 2011


So I'm not gonna win this year's prize for Tech Goddess...however, I am on track for "Most Improved" as well as well as "Most Likely To Succeed"...that being said my beloved 2 readers pardon the slight blur of these photos. 

I LOVE my iphone 4G, but wanna say I'll be happy when they perfect the camera option.  But I can't blame it on the ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-camera (J.Foxx...I use that line often!), I've gotta charge this series of blur to the fact that my hands were shaking from delight....and hunger.

Mario Batali's Eataly...second time there:

The Gates of Heaven

A variety of the best available across the board...the produce section is the first to draw you in.  A look to the left reveals a market of goods.

There were more exotic offerings...I just happen to love beets, plus I couldn't pronounce...let alone spell some of the food there.  Anyone wanna accompany me on another pass through, I'm game.  In fact, I can't think of anything sexier than walking around Eataly with someone whispering the names of foods in my ear.

This is a wide shot of the dried and cured meats.  My next time back, Sweet Things, I'll have a close up of those dried, blood red peppers.  Gorgeous.  In fact, to save you the irritation, I've deleted the close up.  Waaaay too blurry.

Cheese...and yes, we've seen those wheels of Parm before.  Still the abundance of the offerings is staggering.
Sexy Butcher, Italian accent...big knife. Need I say more?  Actually yes...he's straight from Italy and has studied his craft under the best butchers there.  I humbly beg his forgiveness...I lost the friggin' note with the details. (oh my Lord, I'm going to look back on this post and cringe!)

This is the most delicious bruschetta in the world.  I've had the Godsmack fresh tomato and basil, and I revere it in it's simplicity.  HOWEVER, this mushroom combination atop the bread on this day made us all gasp and moan! I brought my friends back here for a repeat of the meal I had here a couple of months earlier...and they did the same thing as my other girls did.  I've tried making it...There's still something I'm not getting.  The Patron Saint of Foodies must be back there sauteing.

This special is a regular feature...dunno what it's called (lost notes and all), however you can easily find it by asking for the chickpea cakes...OR just pointing at your neighbor's plate.  This dish was on every table.  Personally, I need something green on my plate.  Throw some rapini on there...needs a visual pop. (LOL...the nerve!  I theenk Mario's got it covered.)

Note:  I did do an "ok" job on the chickpea cakes at home!

It was excellent and all...Rapini Bruschetta...a fave.  It's just after the mushroom offering (seek it it), then that unique chickpea quinoa

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