Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sexy Salad Lady

Believe it or not, one of my favorite meal stops is in NYC's Penn Station. All because of one of the ladies behind the counter. Let's face it, I can get a great salad anywhere...but I will never spend more for a salad than I do here.

I have revered this woman for ages. I absolutely get a kick out of her! I don't know her name, don't know her schedule, so it's hit or miss that I'll find her there when I'm in the city. I think she's of Middle Eastern decent or a country in Africa. She's in her 40s...50s. And truth be told.., she's not sexy.

But the way she hypnotizes me into getting extra toppings is. She literally utters only 4 words and I'm under her friggin' spell!

What size?

Its those "yeses"!

I mean it. Her yeses are incredible. The first time I heard her response to "blue cheese", I was was rocked. That yes was a sex yes. So then I asked for cucumber, and there it was...that yes again! I looked at the guy next to me in line and he'd heard it too...and smiled.  So it wasn't just me! 

Ummmm... Beets, please? yes
Egg? yes
How about craisins? yes

And so on, until I started to get concerned about the price of the salad! And it's not a fluke.

(totally snuck this picture) That's always her delivery and she does not deviate or smile...even though I always am. I mean, she's gotta know her effect, right? I now position myself in line so she can make my salad, and I'm always paying an astronomical amount just because of my little secret. Hmmmm....kinda just realized I'm stalking.

And when she's not there....'eh. I still eat, I just don't have the visceral experience leading up to the meal.

Behold, damn near $11.00.

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