Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Location: Balthazar

Caryn Ross: Frigging Tech Goddess.  This sweet LOOKING little thing has one of the most clever, raunchiest brain/mouths ever.  Hilarious and without filter.  She's also a dynamo with all things tech.  This blog is dedicated to her...because I was obnoxiously taking photos because she taught me how to blog from my phone...and I couldn't wait....and she didn't complain (I possibly would have)

Chicken liver & foie Fraser, splitting with Mandy. Hers? Beet and onion tart!

Good Lord... How do folks blog on location? Lol. Duck Confit, ladies & gentlemen:

And mine...Lobster Risotto...

Ewwwww...my dinner buddies returned their Duck Confit...waaaay overbooked.

Now the end of the meal.,, Carmelized Banana Tart. Fabulous.

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