Monday, November 15, 2010

James Hotel - SoHo

Now I know as well as the next person that this isn't a photo of food...but right've got to be on this adventure with me.  A culinary one that re-enforces what Savvy is all about. We're doing a brunch with our friggin' BELOVED Paula Deen and a press junket for RWoP.  I'm in NYC, this great, big, beautiful city and we're staying at the James Hotel. 
Brand spanking new James Hotel in Soho.  Immediately hit (in the most pleasant ways possible) with so much visual stun that my mouth began to water.  I will tell you I was exiting from the back of a black Suburban...that was already like experience foreplay...(NYC in a Black Suburban...that was on my bucket list) I was...ummm to say the least...ready for what came next. 

Gorgeous staff.....check
Glass of wine handed to me during check in....check  (actually I didn't expect it, so Double Check)
Plate of cheeses, crackers, fruit to calm beleaguered travelers (me)...check

And the room is so sexy that my mouth was watering....I mean stuff, visually appealing things make me hungry.  I'd share photos of the room....but I've trashed it!

Made a coffee run...resisted the above because we are doing brunch with Paula and I'm not doing any Princess bites of anything. I could've been tempted if these little beauties weren't coated with sugar...the  Not a huge dent, I'm still in love with this place...sorta like my iphone...who cares if it drops 8 calls a's sexy.

Back to food later today, but I had to give a nod to the clever folks behind this spot!

And speaking of clever...for the grown up girl & boy scouts in all of 

Get something delicious...have a great time.

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