Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Carnegie Deli

After the brief (and I mean BRIEF LOL) stint at the Rachael Ray show, the RWoP girls headed to Carnegie Deli...

(Ok, that's the polite way to say that our hilarious Caryn, of Fat & Sassy Mama fame, told us she was done with foo-foo food and wanted something real...NOW).

This place is an historic NYC icon for many reasons...the celebs it draws, the authentic food...and the pagan portions they dish up here. Monumental, colossal, insane portions.

A side of slaw...generous, but of no consequence really. Just an opportunity for diversion from the protein party that followed.

Bacon and egg sandwich...maybe six eggs and I don't even wanna think about how many slices of bacon. It stood a proud 5 inches tall. Delicious (I was in for a bite only because I ordered a Rueben)

Meet Big Poppa. This "sandwich" covered the whole plate and I gave up a quick prayer or gratitude for the entire cow that laid on my plate. I split it with Mandy.

I will not need to eat another Reuben for the next 5 years...(won't be able to eat...for the next 5 years). I think I hurt myself...can you pull a muscle while eating?

That baseball is actually part of a deconstructed Matzo Ball soup. I don't even have words for the soup...I had ONE spoonful. What was the point? I was seriously trying to clobber my mountain of meat sandwich thing.

I love this shot!

Any other time, in any other place, the thought of eating cheesecake alone in bed would be downright depressing. Not here, compassionate friend.

We had no choice, other than skipping dessert altogether. THAT, given the circumstances, would be depressing. Three slices of cheesecake and one chocolate go please.

Behold the Thunder...and I was happy as a lark! 

Oh my Lord!! Just discovered a new feature in my new toy. How did I survive without my iPhone?

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